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Did you know...

When you join the international Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, you are not automatically registered as a member of your local ACFE Chapter?

The benefits of belonging to the ACFE and a local Chapter include networking, continuing professional education training, mentoring, promoting fraud awareness, and leadership opportunities. Visit our FAQ page to learn how to apply.

Read below to learn more about joining our PNW Chapter! 

Membership Options

Memberships renew per calendar year.

Chapter Member.................$24


Chapter Members are required to be a Certified Fraud Examiner and maintain good standing with the ACFE.


Chapter Members are eligible to vote and hold any office in the Chapter and are eligible to participate on Chapter committees. Only CFEs may hold the office of President and Training Director.


Chapter Members can sign up for our Annual Training Subscription, which will provide access to all training events throughout the year for $70. Visit the Training Events Page for more information.

Associate Member..............$30


Chapter Associate Members are not required to be a Certified Fraud Examiner, but Membership in good standing in the ACFE is required.


A Chapter Associate Member is eligible to vote and may hold any office in the Chapter except President and Training Director and is eligible to participate on Chapter committees.

Affiliate of the Chapter.......$36

Affiliates of the Chapter are those parties, regardless of their field of endeavor, who desire to be a part of the fight against fraud and white-collar crime. 


Affiliates of the Chapter are not required to meet the qualifications and requirements for membership in the Chapter or the ACFE but are encouraged to do so in the future. 


Affiliates of the Chapter, shall have no Chapter voting rights, and shall not be eligible to hold any Chapter office or participate on Chapter committees.

Student Member......................$0

Open to graduate and undergraduate students with an interest in fraud prevention and detection. Students may attend most, but not all, Chapter training seminars at no cost for a period of no longer than 2 years.


Students must either be Washington state residents or non-residents attending a Washington State accredited college or university.

  • Undergraduate students enrolled in at least nine (9) semester hours (or equivalent). 
  • Graduate students enrolled in at least six (6) semester hours (or equivalent). 

Retired Member.......................$0


ACFE guidelines state:

If you have retired from fraud-related work and are an ACFE member in good standing, you may qualify for retired status. As a retired member, you may not solicit or perform any paid employment or consulting services related to fraud. Retired members shall use the credential "CFE-Retired".

If you carry this designation, you can be a retired member of our chapter. You may still have to pay for some of our Chapter training.

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