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Chapter Volunteers

The PNW Chapter members are welcome to participate in any way they feel comfortable. We have opportunities available in all types of capacities, including those listed below. 

Those interested in participating should join the chapter and then send a message to the board at 

Board of Directors

The ACFE PNW Chapter's Board of Directors is an all-volunteer board comprised of licensed Certified Fraud Examiners.  The Board meets on a regular basis to discuss the affairs and priorities of the chapter. Volunteers serve a 2-year term and help lead the committees listed below.

Chapter Oversight Committees

Nominations Committee

This committee helps coordinate the acceptance of officer and director nominations. They gather the information about the nominees, review their qualifications and then provide the list of candidates to the chapter membership for them review before they are voted into office. 

Officers and Directors have a two (2) year term in their positions.

Elections Committee

This group complements the Nominations Committee and they help make arrangements for the membership to conduct their respective elections on the slate of officers and directors to the Chapter Board. 

Financial Operations Committee

As is necessary in all businesses, it is vital to have a group of professionals to help oversee the financial operations of the Chapter. This committee participates in the financial review and oversight of the fiscal operations of the chapter. 

Chapter Engagement Committees

Training and Event Planning Committee

The training events put on by the chapter every month and year take advanced planning and coordination. It is the aim of the chapter to bring quality education and networking opportunities. As such this committee helps recruit and coordinate speakers, events and the annual conference. 

Marketing and Communications Committee

"Let's keep in touch" takes on a whole new meaning in this day and age, especially for so many remote members all over the PNW. This Committee helps promote the activities and initiatives of the chapter on the website and through social media. 

Student Association and Engagement Committee

This chapter is aimed at providing our student members with an environment where they can come learn and network from anti-fraud professionals and learn from some of the best in the industry as they embark on their careers. This committee helps promote student engagement and student membership activities.

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