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Certification Incentive Award Program 

Let the PNW Chapter help you earn your CFE!!

The PNW Chapter provides an Incentive Award to encourage members to obtain the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) professional certification from the ACFE. Each calendar year (January 1 – December 31) the Board will recognize one associate member who becomes a Certified Fraud Examiner during that year, by granting them an award of not more than $500 to help defray the cost of obtaining the CFE professional designation.*

*It will only reimburse personal expenses, which have not been and will not be reimbursed from any other source, such as from your employer.

Application Process

To apply for the PNW Chapter’s Incentive Award Program please follow the guidance from the ACFE for applying, preparing and taking the CFE exam, which includes, but may not be limited to:

    • Be or become a Member of the ACFE (Membership Types).
    • Complete the pre-requisites to sit for the ACFE exam and study and prepare for the exam.
    • Register for the CFE exam, and then take and pass the exam.

In conjunction with the above, please coordinate with the ACFE’s PNW Chapter to

    • Be or become an Associate Member of the chapter (see Membership Page)
    • Communicate to the Board Officers of your intent to apply for this Chapter Incentive Award.
    • Notify the chapter of your CFE exam results.
    • Attend at least two (2) of the chapter's monthly fraud training sessions during the calendar year (this can be either before and/or taking the exam).
    • Document and communicate your completion of the Chapter Incentive Award requirements to the Board Officers by the deadline.
The Incentive Award Program is reserved for those who do NOT already have their CFE credential. Anyone who obtained their CFE credential in previous calendar years is not eligible to apply.

Application Deadline – December 31st (every year)

Incentive Award Program winner will be announced at the Chapter's Annual Chapter Conference the following year.

Selection Process

After December 31st, the Chapter Board Officers will determine which applicants are qualified to receive the award. At the Annual Chapter Conference, each qualified award applicant's name will be recorded on a piece of paper, all pieces of paper will be placed in a suitable container and mixed. In a random drawing, the President (or next ranking Chapter Officer) will designate a member of the Board Officers to draw the name of the winning applicant. After verification, the Chapter Board Officers will declare this individual to be the winner of the annual Incentive Award Program. The Chapter Treasurer is then authorized to disburse the appropriate amount of funds to the award recipient.

The award recipient does not have to be present to win. However, if the award recipient is present at the Annual Chapter Conference, the President (or next ranking Chapter Officer) of the Chapter Board Officers will make the award presentation during the meeting. If not, the award presentation will be made at a subsequent meeting. Any pictures taken of the award presentation may be published on the chapter website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I communicate my intent to apply?

As an award applicant you must notify the Chapter Board Officers, after January 1, that you have registered to take the CFE Examination, and that you plan to apply for the award after becoming a Certified Fraud Examiner. This declaration of intent should be in writing, either through US Postal mail or through a simple e-mail. Mailing information is provided below.

How do I take the CFE Exam?


There are multiple pre-requisites to sit for the CFE examination including an education and experience component, and three reference letters. Although the reference letters are not required immediately, the education and experience requirements may take time to fulfill. 

We recommend you review and achieve those requirements before you consider applying for this incentive award. Refer to the ACFE Credential Handbook for more information.

Study Materials

All applicants are encouraged to prepare for the CFE exam before taking it. This can be accomplished on your own or by any of the methods listed by the ACFE on their website at CFE Exam Preparation.

Exam Registration

Applications to take the CFE exam can be done at on the ACFE website How to Earn Your CFE Credential. It is expected that all pre-requisites are completed, including the three letters of reference and education and experience, before applying to take the exam.

How do I send my CFE Exam results?

When the ACFE notifies you that you passed the CFE Exam, you need to send the following documents to the Chapter Board Officers no later than December 31 within the year you’ve applied:

- A copy of the congratulations letter from ACFE.
- A written statement listing the PNW Chapter training sessions you attended.
- A list of expenses incurred to become a CFE.

- A written statement certifying you have not, and will not, be otherwise reimbursed for CFE certification expenses.

The copy of the congratulations letter from the ACFE should state that the applicant has passed the CFE Examination, specifying that you have met all ACFE requirements to become a Certified Fraud Examiner, and providing your new CFE professional certification number granted by the ACFE. The actual “frameable” certification does not have to be received to be eligible.

Applicants should scan the required Incentive Award Program documents into PDF formatted files and e-mail them to the Board at

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